Weekly Challenge: Week 1 / Day 1

Yesterday, a friend introduced me to the website/blog: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com.  Wow!  I am inspired!  I shared the link on FB because I knew many of my health conscious friends would be excited to check it out. I thought about blogging our healthy eating adventures… sharing our finds, recipes, failures and successes.  But – I know that this is the kind of thing I tend to start and then as I lose enthusiasm, I stop.  So, I figured I wouldn’t do the blog.  But then a friend suggested I do it and that got me thinking again, so – here I am!  Not sure if it will last… not sure if it will be an everyday thing or an occasional thing, but here it is.  (Since healthy eating is not so much of a fad, but more of an everyday challenge for us, I am hoping I can find enough challenges to keep it interesting and to keep me going!)

If you come visit, say hi!  Post a little comment now and again.  Knowing that someone is interested and reading will inspire me to keep writing!

This week’s challenge, from http://www.100daysofrealfood.com is: Week 1: March 14 – March 20 – Eat a minimum of two different fruits or vegetables (preferably organic) with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal.

That shouldn’t be too hard.  We are very good about eating at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal.  I like this challenge because I’ve been thinking for a long time now that we need to add more vegetables.  I’d like to have 2 vegetables with dinner each night.  Until now, I’ve been kind of lazy about planning and executing it though.  So, yay for this challenge!  My kids are all on board!  They like challenges like this!  The husband, still slightly concerned about my recent coconut oil craze (another post on that later), gave a half hearted “sure” when asked if he’d participate.  I think that was mostly for the kids’ benefit.  But, since I make dinner and he pretty much eats what I make without complaint, it should be easy to get him to eat his 2 veggies with dinner.  And since he takes dinner leftovers with him to work for lunch, we’ve got that covered too.  I doubt he’ll start including 2 fruits with his morning bowl of cereal, but he eats that early in the morning with no one watching.  At least the kids will think he’s completing the challenge 😉

Today was our first day of the challenge.  The kids and I woke up 30 min. before the 2 little ones had to be at preschool.  In our mad rush to get ready and out the door I threw them each (the preschoolers) a squeeze packet of carrot applesauce.  That counted as one serving and they were thrilled because these expensive little pouches are usually reserved for Michael’s school lunch! Then I tried a new recipe I found on the 100days site – I threw 2 cups of frozen pineapple and a can of coconut milk in the blender and made virgin pina colada smoothies!  Serving #2 (and quite possibly 3… I’m pretty sure the coconut milk would count as a fruit serving.)  *The kids all loved the smoothie!  I found it a bit thick, a little too creamy.  I think next time I’ll add extra pineapple – that should do the trick!)

I sent them off to preschool with an orange and a serving of peas in their lunchboxes.  Knowing that my dad was coming over and taking us all out to lunch, I didn’t want them eating too much, but wanted to make sure they met the challenge requirement.  Done!  (Well, almost.  When I picked them up I discovered that Matthew’s glass bowl fell and broke, so no peas for him. Yes… I send glass to the preschool.  Only when sending something that’s going to go in the microwave because I do not want them microwaving plastic.  In 3 years of my kids going to school there it has never been a problem.  Today I was asked not to send glass any more.  Oh well.  I apologized and explained why I had been using glass containers.  The teacher totally understood and agreed to put their food in a paper bowl before microwaving it for them. Yay!)

Ok, so back home where Michael ate oatmeal with blueberries and an orange.  I had 2 oranges, 1 egg and a piece of whole wheat toast.

Lunch turned out to be easier than I thought – we went to Souplantation!  What a great way to get a variety of vegetables!  The kids all filled up on lots of fresh veggies before tackling the mac n cheese and ice cream 🙂

For dinner tonight I have a Dream Dinners Peanut Butter Chicken and Penne dish defrosting in the fridge.  I know this includes lots of carrots, some red pepper and cabbage.  Still, I’m not sure by the time everyone gets some on their plate if it will amount to a full serving of vegetables.  I plan on making cauliflower to go with it and  some edamame.  That should cover tonight’s dinner!

Day One, not too hard!


4 Comments on “Weekly Challenge: Week 1 / Day 1”

  1. Noel Lawson says:

    Thank you so much Amanda!!! Your post is already inspiring me, I want to try that coconut milk and pineapple! I know it is time consuming to complete the challenge AND write about it, but know I will read it! And I can’t wait to hear about your coconut oil adventures. My husband thinks this coconut oil thing is crazy, he says he doesn’t like it so I don’t use it to prepare any of his foods (not sure how he knows he doesn’t like it, he hasn’t tried it), but I am a convert, I am completely in love with coconut oil! Good luck with the challenge!

    • Yay!! Thank you Noel for the encouragement and for commenting!!! Ha ha – my husband thinks the coconut oil thing is crazy too. Here’s the thing – cook with it sometime, preferably with a food that won’t really absorb too much oil, and don’t tell him. See if he notices! My husband hasn’t noticed and has given me that shrug (you know… the one that says, hmmm, I didn’t taste any difference, but I still don’t like it! LOL!) when I told him! Also, from what I’ve read, you should choose your coconut oil based on which one you like the best! Some have a stronger flavor, some mild, some not at all. Do some experimenting! It can’t be that bad… I’ve had it in my smoothies and I mix it in with my kids’ food – especially Emily. I am trying to get her to eat a fair amount of it, hoping it will help her eczema. I’ll mix a (melted) tbsp in with her oatmeal or applesauce and she just eats it right up! (It’s kind of hard to mix with the applesauce, it cools off quickly and started to harden again, but in tiny little chunks. She doesn’t care though, just eats it up! Anyway – I’ll save all this for when I go on my coconut oil rant! 😉

  2. Stacy Root says:

    Love reading your posts!!!!! And I’m with Noel… I can’t wait to try that pineapple/ coconut milk smoothie!!! Sounds soooo good :)))). Keep up the GREAT posts… They’re very motivating! Oh, and I did read Day 3 too…. I just wanted to comment about the yummy smoothie… I think I’m going to WFs tomorrow to get a pineapple 😉

    • When the kids aren’t looking, I may add a little rum to that smoothie! ha ha ha For ME, of course!! I like to buy a bunch of frozen fruit and keep it in the freezer – then I just toss it in the blender with some water and viola!

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