Day 2

*After finishing this post I realized that there is a lot of talk about our daily menu. I guess that is to be expected in such a challenge but if you find yourself getting bored towards the middle, feel free to skim  – look for recipes and links – and just read the last paragraph or two.  I think there is something good there for you to think about.  🙂

Well, today was more of a struggle :-/

Once again, we woke up with no time to spare this morning.  We raced around to get dressed and I whipped up a smoothie for the kids. (I love how quick and easy it is to do that!) Today we tried the PB&J smoothie and it was a hit!  (Original recipe: ) To make  enough for my 3 kiddos I upped it to about 1 cup juice, 1 cup milk, 2 bananas, 2 cups berries (we used frozen, organic mix of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) and whatever peanut butter was left in our jar 🙂  Looked to be about the right amount to me!

While at Trader Joe’s yesterday I picked up some bars that I wanted to try out with the kids.   I was looking for some “real food” bars – simple ingredients, no added sugar.  I grabbed a few different Lara Bars, something called Pure Organic, I think.  I’d have to check the pantry to be sure but I’m upstairs and don’t feel like going down.  I’ll give a full report on the bars that got 3 thumbs when we are done with the taste tests!  This morning we tried 3 different bars and they each seemed to get 2 thumbs up (since I have 3 kids, I’m looking for 3 thumbs of approval here…) Matthew liked all of them, Michael and Emily disagreed on which ones they liked.  But I was happy that everyone liked at least 2 of the 3 we tried.  I think tomorrow we’ll do another taste test – the kids really enjoyed it!

Between the smoothies and the bars, I figured they each got their 2 different fruits in for the morning.  I ate a banana on the run and thought I’d eat an orange when we got back, but I got distracted and about 10am my stomach started rumbling, reminding me that I forgot the 2nd piece of fruit!

Emily and Matthew did well at lunch. Emily wanted a salad, so she got more than her 2 veggies there.  Matthew ate a scrambled egg with spinach (cooked in coconut oil!).  They both had an orange too.  I ate last night’s dinner leftovers, so I was covered.  I’d sent Michael to school with ants on a log and carrots.  Usually I’d have thrown some yogurt in there too, but I wanted to be sure he ate the carrots so I left it out today.  Stinker came home today having eaten NONE of his celery with peanut butter and only 1 carrot!!!!  How does that boy survive???   He claims he didn’t have time to finish, but I don’t understand what the heck he is doing at lunch time that leaves him only enough time to eat one carrot stick?  Aargh.  I made him finish the carrots as we were running out the door to Tae Kwon Do but the “logs” ended up in the trash 😦  He did have a serving of dried apricots for his morning snack though, so I guess he got his 2 servings in?

Dinner was mostly a success.  Monte Cristo chicken from Dream dinners, which had NO vegetables in it, carrots and asparagus.  This was the kids’ first taste of asparagus. Michael loved it, Emily tolerated it and Matthew tried two bites but refused to eat more.

During the day the kids will snack on fruit… I found these fun treats at Sprouts today:

Matthew had a bag while we were waiting to pick up Michael today.  The bag says it contains 3 servings of fruit!  Michael had a banana after dinner… Though it was a little difficult getting everyone (including me!) to have their 2 fruits/veggies with each meal, I’d say that throughout the course of the day we each exceeded our 6 total serving goal.  Yay!

I am realizing that this blog (all 2 entries of it so far) is quickly becoming a diary of our daily meals.  How boring!  Hopefully I am introducing you to some yummy recipes and neat treats. 🙂  Some food for thought tonight:  Do you make your kids finish everything on their plate?  I admit that I am often guilty of this.  Part of me knows it’s a bad thing to do – I want them to listen to their internal cues and stop eating when they are full.  However, they are kids.  I don’t really trust them to stop eating on their own.  I think they’ll claim full when really they just don’t want to eat their vegetables.  :-/  What to do??  I try to be sure to give them appropriate kid size portions.  I talk with them constantly about what is healthy and what is not.  I try my best to serve them the most nutritious food: brown rice instead of white, whole wheat pasta, plenty of fruits and veggies.  Hmmm… I guess I’m not doing so bad after all 😉  Perhaps another challenge I need to tackle is to go a whole week (2?) of feeding my kids what I want them to eat and then sitting back and letting them choose how much to eat. I think that would be a good one!


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