Day 4

St. Patrick’s Day!

I am a little bummed that I didn’t plan out St. Patrick’s Day like I usually do.  I like a green theme… green bagels in the morning, something unusual and green for lunch and dinner – green waffles anyone?  Green eggs and ham?  🙂

But I was able to get in the spirit with green smoothies this morning!  6 leaves of kale, 1 banana, handful of strawberries and a handful of pineapple, just to make sure it was sweet enough!  Add water and blend!  Yummy!  Michael then went to school for his pancake breakfast (the reward for reaching 100% of his reading goal) where he scooped peaches, strawberries, grapes and melon onto his plate 🙂  Emily and Matthew went to a playdate where they had cantaloupe along with bagels, muffins, cookies… filled them up so much they didn’t want lunch.  I did convince them each to eat a banana later though.

Tonight’s dinner plans: oven baked french fries, BBQ chicken sandwiches and some sort of easy, canned vegetable.  Peas or green beans, I guess – we’ve got to have something green, right?

Right now I’m getting ready to pick Michael up from school, then we are heading to Chik-fil-A for our free green ice cream cone!  Nope, today is not the healthiest of days – lots of snacks that I wouldn’t normally like them to have – but that’s ok.  As much as I want them to eat pure and healthy, I know that there are days and occasions when there just has to be treats and fun, right? Knowing that they are eating great 90-95% of the time makes me feel pretty good about the times they don’t.


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