Day 5

Breakfast: Pina Colada Smoothie mentioned a few posts back, but this time I added a cup of raspberries.  Yum!   We also finally did our tast testing of the Lara Bars and the Pure Organic bars.  The Pure Organic bars seem to be winning… the cherry one this morning was my favorite!

Lunch – kids took pb&js to school, with applesauce and yogurt (my mixture of greek yogurt and frozen cherries, blueberries and raspberries)

Dinner – Sausages and baked beans was the plan.  Didn’t know what to do about the vegetables and we are running low.  Our weekly produce box comes tomorrow morning.  I took what we had (some lettuce, spinach, a carrot, red bell pepper, tomatoes) and threw it together in a salad.

Another successful, if not too exciting, day.  I am pleased to see that this challenge isn’t that hard for our family.  It does require that I think and make sure we are all getting an extra fruit or vegetable in… usually one per meal has been our standard.  But I am happy that my children are willing to add another without argument. 2 days left of this challenge and my only question is Will I keep it up when the two days are over? I honestly don’t know.  I’ll probably try, but I also know that my kids and I like to snack on fruit during the day, so if one meal gets only 1 fruit or vegetable, I’ll be pretty comfortable knowing we’re most likely still eating what we should.


My aunt came to visit tonight and the kids were in rare form.  Getting up from the dinner table, running outside… I found myself yelling at them to sit down and threatening not to take them out for the promised frozen yogurt after dinner if they didn’t sit down and finish their meals.  In the back of my mind, this had me thinking about that issue of Should we make them eat everything on their plates? As I’ve said before, I feel like I serve them appropriate portions and I serve them the healthy things I want them to be eating, so yes, I want them to eat everything I give them. However, part of what I am trying to “give them” are healthy habits to last a lifetime.  Is cleaning your plate every time you sit down to eat a healthy habit?  Maybe, if your plate was always perfectly portioned and full of the most nutritious foods.  But how often in life is that the case?  More important, I think, is the ability to stop eating when you are satisfied.  This is one thing I clearly lack.  I can see that my children still have this natural ability, so why on earth am I trying to train them against it?

There are 2 challenges I am really eager to take on.  One is this idea of letting them decide when they’ve had enough.  The other is the challenge of cleaning out our kitchen and our diets… ridding our diets of processed foods and eating whole and real foods.  I know that this one will be a major lifestyle change.  I am hoping that we are close enough already that it won’t be a complete 180, but I’m smart enough to know that it’s going to me more involved and harder than I think.  I might have to tackle that one one meal at a time.  Maybe start with the breakfasts first, then move on to lunches and dinners.  Baby steps. But first, I think I am going to try the idea of letting my children decide for themselves how much to eat. In the next two days I will think about the rules, but they’ll probably be simple enough.  Feed them and keep my mouth shut about when they decide they are done. 🙂
On a side note, I had intended to take on the challenges posted in and blog about them here, but next week’s challenge over there is really not a challenge for us at all.  It’s about eliminating soda and other “junk food” drink from your diet.  We already have, so that is why I decided to come up with my own challenge for week 2.  We’ll see what happens in week 3!



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