Catch up, throw up, and what’s up next…

Catch Up

Wow!  How easy it is to skip a day and then end up skipping several!  Well, to catch up, this past week’s pledge was to let my children decide for themselves exactly HOW MUCH to eat.  They didn’t get to decide what to eat – they ate what they were presented – but they got to serve themselves and eat as much or as little as they’d like. The only rule was they had to eat at least 3 bites of each thing served.  If this is going to be a rule I keep in place long after the challenge is over (and isn’t that the true goal?) I need to at least be assured that they will still take a taste of everything.  I really, REALLY, don’t want to raise picky eaters who won’t even try something new.  They don’t have to eat a lot, but I’d like them to always eat some.

So!  How did it go?  Well, they were thrilled!  LOVED being able to serve themselves as much or, as most often was the case, as little as they wanted.  They ate less than I normally would have expected them to eat for sure.  I’m not sure if this was because they were testing me to see if I was for real with this challenge, or if they really didn’t want that much.  Probably, it was they didn’t want that much of what I was serving. In any case, they ate as little as they chose and they didn’t go hungry. Snacks weren’t even an issue.  I had expected that if they weren’t eating enough at meal time they’d be filling up on snacks, but they really didn’t. They simply ate less.  Hmm.

While I wasn’t completely comfortable seeing how little they were eating for dinner, I kept reminding myself of a few things:

  1. They were being offered only nutritious foods, so even if they snacked later, or even had dessert, it was all a good choice.  They were eating healthy.
  2. Dinner time was so relaxed and happy!  I loved how it eliminated the stress of constantly telling them to eat!
  3. There is a very valuable lesson they are learning here, one that I personally lack: the ability to stop.  They will stop when they feel full, unlike myself, who will continue to eat until my plate is empty.

So- we completed the week without any real issues.  Yay me!

Throw up

Ed’s sister, her husband, and their 10 year old decided last minute to take a cruise over spring break.  This plan landed them in a hotel near LAX for one night.  Since we haven’t seen them in 5 years, we decided it would be fun to get a room in the hotel and hang out with them that night and the next morning.  We were all staying at our favorite hotel, the Embassy Suites.  We like this hotel because it is one of the few that allows our family of 5 to be together in one room.  Their prices are reasonable and include a free, cooked to order and continental breakfast each morning, as well as a manager’s reception each night.  The manager’s reception offers an endless supply of free drinks and snacks.  We usually like to get dinner someplace easy and healthy, like El Pollo Loco or Subway, and then eat it in the reception area while enjoying our free drinks 🙂  That’s what we did Friday night.  We ate our healthy chicken and drank our not so healthy adult beverages while the kids sipped Shirley Temples, a rare treat! The snacks at these receptions vary from hotel to hotel, but this night they included chex mix type thing, goldfish, popcorn and nachos.  Oooh, nachos!  (What is it about free food, just sitting there for the taking?  If they were charging for those nachos I wouldn’t even have been tempted.  But sitting there, with all the gooey, yummy cheese, just waiting for me to come serve myself, I couldn’t resist.  We ate way more than we should have of all the snacks.  The kids had a second Shirley Temple.  Later Michael begged to have just a little bit of root beer and I relented.  (That’s 2 Shirley Temples and a root beer for a kid who has had soda probably less than 10 times in his 6 years.)  Now, with tummies full of dinner, soda, nachos, popcorn and goldfish… the kids started running all around the area, chasing each other and having a grand old time. (I know you know what’s coming…)  After a while Michael comes up to me and complains, saying it feels like he can’t breathe.  I told him it’s probably because he’s running around like crazy on a tummy filled with junk.  I told him to sit a rest a bit.  As soon as he sat down, he threw up all over the place!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!!  Any other mother would probably have felt really bad for their kid and taken sweet care of him.  Me?  Well, I did take care of him… I cleaned him all up, helped him change his clothes and all that.  But first I laughed my head off and was over the moon happy that he threw up! I was so thrilled that he was going to learn such a great lesson!!  We are always talking about healthy eating and how our body uses food for fuel, etc… What a great lesson!  He was doing something healthy, exercising, and when his body went to look for fuel all it found was junk and it was so upset that it threw it all out!  Yay!!  We discussed this as I washed him up and he was actually quite interested in the lesson.  He already knows about how he needs to feed his body healthy food, but experiencing the effects of junk food first hand really drove the lesson home.  Nothing I could have ever said to him would have been so convincing!  (And, the next morning, when we came down for breakfast and he saw everyone eating donuts and pastries, he opted for eggs, fruit and yogurt first. He said he’d have a little donut later, if he still wanted it.  Later, when he went to look for a donut he didn’t see one that he likes, so he just skipped it!)

What’s up next?

Hmmm….  I don’t know.  The official challenge from 100days is:

Mini-Pledge Week 3: March 28 – April 3 – All meat consumed this week will be locally raised (within 100-miles of your hometown). Meat consumption will also be limited to 3 – 4 servings this week, and when it is eaten meat will not be presented as the “focal point” of the meal. Instead meat will be treated as a side item or simply used to help flavor a dish.

I don’t think I can do this though, not this week.  I’ve been so busy, I didn’t sit down to read this week’s challenge until just now.  Though tonight’s dinner would fit the criteria, I have chicken on the menu for Tuesday and Thursday this week.  I JUST went to Trader Joe’s this morning.  Had I read this challenge earlier, I would have looked to see what options they have there for locally grown chicken.  Or maybe I would have made the short trip over to Whole Foods, but I really don’t feel like going all the way over there again tomorrow.  Nor do I feel like spending extra money on meat/chicken, when I already have some in my freezer.  Lastly, I promised Michael that we’d eat dinner at The Habit on Wednesday to support his school fundraiser.  We skipped the last one because it was at McDonald’s and I really, really didn’t want to eat there or feed my kids from there. So, this one, I promised we would attend.  So, where does that leave me when it comes to this week’s challenge?  I don’t know.  Yikes, as I am sitting here thinking about it, I realize that it would have started today.  I am not doing so well this week, am I?

Maybe I should make an exercise challenge for myself.  I’ve been complaining a lot about my lack of movement lately.  I got the year off to a good start, but when our construction project started at the end of January, I stopped running (my main form of exercise) for 2 weeks.  Then I got sick and by the time I felt better, I was completely out of the habit and out of shape.  So, yeah, an exercise challenge seems like I good idea for this week.  Too bad I chose to sit on my butt and catch up on my tv shows this morning when I had 2 hours to myself!  Oh well… I am going to say that this week’s challenge is to exercise a minimum of 4 times.  I really want to say 3, but that doesn’t seem like enough.  I am going to keep it simple and just say “Exercise 4 times this week”  I am so out of shape, I am not going to challenge myself to a certain type of exercise or even a certain amount of minutes for it to count.  I am just going to say I have to do something, anything, on 4 different days.  To goal of this challenge is to get myself back in to the habit!


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