I exercise today!!!

ha ha ha … not that I would normally call what I did exercise, but for the purpose of the challenge, and more importantly, for the purpose of getting me back in the habit, I exercised!  This morning I did a yoga video.  Not nearly as relaxing as usual when you have 2 little ones trying to do it right next to you, but hey – it was cute to watch and they are learning a healthy lesson 🙂

Then, because that wasn’t quite good enough, when it was time to pick up Michael from school we decided to walk.  I walked the first (uphill) half mile there trying not to step on the whiny toddler who was begging me to pick him up.  I walked the 2nd half mile home with same whiny toddler on my back.  That’s got to count for something, right?  And man!  It was hot!!  When did that happen?  Had to give the kids popsicles when we got home – they were all red faced!  (healthy, fruit popsicles, of course!)

This heat is reminding me that shorts season will be he sooner than I thought.  Better keep up with the exercise if I don’t want to be hiding in jeans all summer.  :-/


One Comment on “I exercise today!!!”

  1. christa says:

    I’m sure that walk counts

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