Running in the morning

I got up this morning to run before Ed left for work.  I’ve been thinking that’s my best opportunity to exercise, but quite frankly, I do NOT want to get out of bed!  He made it a little easier on me by decided to go run too.  Of course, we couldn’t go together and leave the kids in the house alone!  But just knowing that he was getting up earlier too and getting out there to run inspired me.  I ran 2 miles.  Well, I ran 1 mile, then ran/walked the 2nd.  It was hard, I felt so out of shape!  But when I got home, I felt so good for having gone!

Up and energized, I made the kids breakfast burritos… sauteed some spinach and carrots (finely shredded and diced) in a wee bit of coconut oil until they were nice and soft.  Threw in some eggs, pea shoots and micro greens and scrambled it all up.  Heated up some refried beans, added a little cheese and threw it all in a whole wheat tortilla.  Made pina colada smoothies to go with and they were set.  What a healthy breakfast!!!  The kids were excited to see something new and they devoured them.  Yay!

The best part about my run this morning was the feeling after – One of the main reasons why I haven’t been running lately was total lack of motivation.  I no longer want to run.  Used to be that I craved my runs and I’d be really grumpy if I went too many days without a good, long run!  But now, I can’t seem to find that desire anymore.  Running used to make me feel good, but I seem to have lost that feel good feeling.  Well, a few hours after my morning run, I noticed I had that little endorphin high that I used to get.  I felt great!  I felt energized and I wanted to move!  Yay!  So happy to have had that feeling again!  It’s just the motivation I needed to try and drag myself out of bed again tomorrow!


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