Sunday Run

Took Michael and Emily for a run this morning.  I have always tried to include them in some form of exercise.  I want them to have a life long love of exercise.  I want them to think of it as fun.  I want them to enjoy the challenge and be proud of their strong bodies.  They have joined me on runs before – usually one or two miles.  It has been a while though.  I wanted to take them today for the fun of it.  I also wanted to work them hard.  We’ve been having some discipline issues lately, especially with Emily.  I was thinking that perhaps if we keep her busy and physically active, her attitude might improve.  I hope so, I am running out of other ideas.

So, we ran.  We ran from our house 1/2 mile to Fair Oaks Ranch School.  Once there (The last little bit of that run is up a pretty steep hill.) I let them rest/play on the playground while I ran one lap.  Then they joined me for a lap, then played, then joined me for 2, then played, ran one with me, played again and then finished strong with 2 more laps.  Actually, Michael did 3 that last time.  First one didn’t count because he whined and complained and ended up walking most of it.  After all that running we played a little while longer on the playground before heading home, where we ran the downhill parts and walked the big uphill.  All in all, I figure I ran about 3.5 – 4 miles and they ran two.  Not bad!  Especially when you think that they were playing in between laps.  That counts as exercise too!


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