End of Week 4

Ok, so this past week’s challenge was to avoid all fast food and fried food.  I started off pretty good, but in the end I failed.  (Caved?)

The beginning of the week was easy, I simply avoided, as I usually do.  On Thursday I took the kids to Magic Mountain and my plan was to fill my backpack with healthy snacks (avoiding Magic Mountain’s expensive junk food) and then take them to lunch.  I knew a sit down restaurant was an “allowed” option, but still, I knew in the back of my head that I’d rather end up at a place like Jersey Mikes.  I honestly just don’t see why a place like that is bad.  Except that I heard that Subway uses HFCS in their bread, which really disappoints me.  That is probably true of Jersey Mikes as well.  :-/    Anyway, the kids were so happy with the snacks I had packed that they had no interest in leaving for lunch, so Thursday ended up being a successful, following the rules day after all!  I thought I was home free!  Until Friday.  😦  Michael really wanted to cash in his free pizza coupon that he gets from school for filling out his reading chart.  I just didn’t have the heart to tell him no.  I am sure that if I explained how bad those little personal pizzas really are, he’d probably give them up, but for now it’s a rare treat.  I ordered him his pizza and got myself a “sub in a tub” from Jersey Mikes, avoiding the bread dilemma 🙂  Later that night I went to hang out with friends.  Since eating at friends’ houses is allowed I thought that lunch would be my only transgression for the week.  Until I arrived and saw her deep frying wings.  Oh man!  I didn’t think I knew anybody who actually owned a deep fryer!!!  I was tired and drinking margaritas.  I had no will power.  I ate her delicious wings along with the deep fried taquitos that came along later.  I feel like I completely blew the entire week of good behavior in one day!

Oh well.  Can’t win them all, right?  I did my best for 6 of the 7 days.  I’d call that pretty good still.  Heck, I did good for 19 of 21 meals!  Not terrible 😉


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