Well, I did a lousy job with this week’s challenge.  I had the simple task of trying out 2 new whole foods this week and I tried NONE!  The spring onions are still in my fridge and I never did make it to the store to pick out item #2.  I guess, technically, the challenge doesn’t end until tonight, so there is still the chance I might have 2 new whole foods with dinner or lunch today.  Maybe.  If I am not lazy about it. 🙂

Yesterday’s produce box came with more red spring onions and some fava beans, which are completely new to me too!  Maybe I’ll try to do something with those tonight!  I’ll let you know!


2 Comments on “Fail!!”

  1. christa says:

    Yes, let me know how you fix the fava beans so I can figure out what to do with mine.
    I’m also thinking of roasting the beets. Have to tried that with them?

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